FasterUP Backup

The platform provides centralized automated backup both from workstations, by configuring the desktop client, and using standard protocols for file synchronization, from workstations or servers. The platform benefits from both intuitive web interfaces and a desktop application, which allows complex work actions. The desktop application allows automatic backup of files on desktops, as well as features such as sharing, versioning.

Unlimited scalability

Regardless of the size of the local network, the number of computers or the number of users, the software platform provides for all applications the possibility of development and growth, without any technical limitations. Our team also provides consulting for the sizing of the hardware infrastructure during the project.

Private Cloud

The software platform is installed on your servers ( Private Cloud) ensuring a high level of confidentiality of information transferred through the network, or stored on servers. The required hardware infrastructure does not involve major investments. At the server level The software platform is configured according to existing availability. The server operating system is Linux. At the workstation level, the desktop application does not consume resources, and can be installed on operating systems starting with Windows 7 (32/64 bits). Web-based access is available on any operating system.


The desktop application integrates all the functionalities of the Software Platform in a single interface. It installs quickly and is very easy to use for complex work actions.

The mobile application installs quickly and is very easy to use for complex work actions.

Increased security

Access to the application is restricted differently, depending on the level required. Administration may be restricted depending on the IP, as well as the username and password. The users used in the application can be those from the existing Active Directory structure, LDAP, etc. The application offers other possibilities for user management, with easy features for creating and managing: User accounts; User roles; Functional rights and permissions; Data level rights and permissions. The system allows multiple types of authentication: Forms-Authentication, Active Directory Authentication, LDAP. The application can also be configured to be accessed securely by a higher level than the standard one, respectively only from within the network or by secure access via VPN. .

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