Security Orchestration, Automation and Response​
The FasterUP – SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) platform is an integrated software application solution that collects and analyzes data, and performs a full range of cyber security operations. The FasterUP AI Cyber Defense Platform is a resiliant solution that runs processes and applications such as IDS, IPS, NSM, VAS. These are orchestrated and automated, for autonomus execution of defensive processes, in order to detect and neutralize cyber attacks. The answer is the platform’s ability to provide real-time protection and also the ability to provide secure and current solutions to minimize the number of security incidents. This process is evolving, being an extremely effective tool for remedying vulnerabilities, in order to prevent future attacks. FasterUP – SOAR services are provided in minimally invasive conditions for the data network and computer equipment of our customers, the installation of data security sensors, FasterUP – UTM being easy and secure.

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